Why is it important to perform periodic background and reliability checks on company employees?

A smart business owner understands the need to perform periodic background and reliability checks for company employees. That is considering the many changes that workers undergo in their private lives that can affect their work, such as divorce, financial problems, a dramatic event in their lives or extortion.

All these can drag the employee to fraud or theft in the company in order to be saved from the situation he was caught. If you are dealing with an employee you rely on with "closed eyes", ask yourself whether the worker will be drawn into the dilemma of whether to steal from the employer to pay a debt to the Execution Office or to get into a situation where his apartment is encircled and thereby deprive the children of the roof of the house which choice he will choose?. This is easy because when the worker gets into an extreme situation in his life, this will force him to perform extreme acts. In this situation, the best interest of the employer will be the last one before his eyes.

Therefore, it is important to perform periodic background and reliability checks on the employee from time to time. Life is dynamic and as a result, the forces acting on us as human beings motivate us to make decisions. If the employer knew in addition to the economic situation of the worker also his mental state and what he was going through in his life, the employer will know how to be guarded from certain employees and will know how to defend himself in case of potential theft from his employees.


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